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Do I offer Extras during a Yoni Massage?

Yes, I do offer extras during a yoni massage, but I don't believe there to be 'extras' so to speak when it comes to an erotic massage such as yoni. It is true that you are going to become extremely aroused during your yoni massage, and should you want more from me, it should be seen as part of our time together and not as an extra. On the other hand, if you are not wanting anything other than a yoni massage, that is perfectly fine.


Many of my clients ask for extras during, and after their yoni massage simply because it has always been a fantasy of theirs to receive a massage from a stranger, and have it go further into something more erotic and sexual. If you decide to choose this, your orgasms will come on quickly and they will be very intense. This is because your yoni will be awakened. If you would like to try this erotic yoni experience with me, it is something we can discuss during your telephone consultation / WhatsApp chat with me.

Some of my clients choose oral sex to accompany their yoni massage. Some also choose to have my erect penis resting inside them, while I massage their front and back, which is very much a tantric style.

Whatever you decide is right for you, we can discuss this prior to meeting if you so wish.

It is your choice as to whether I am clothed, or naked at the beginning of your massage. Some clients prefer me to be naked from the start of their session, while others prefer me to undress and/or they undress me as their massage progresses. Whatever you decide, I am totally fine with your choice.

So if you are looking for something that little bit extra to awaken your yoni that your high street massage parlour simply cannot offer, look no further, and book a yoni massage with me, today.

My yoni massage service covers the whole of London, Surrey, Essex, Kent, and many more!

Please note, I undergo regular STD testing and I also provide condoms during our time together.

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