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Yoni Massage London | Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much do you charge?

A. I charge £150 per hour, which includes all services and any extras you request.

Q. Do you have a minimum booking time?

A. Yes, my minimum booking time is 2 hours.

Q. Why do you have a minimum booking time?

A. I have a minimum booking time of two hours because a yoni massage, or any type of sensual massage should never feel like a rushed service for a woman. For you to get everything you require from a yoni massage, a session lasting only one hour is simply not enough for you to relax and enjoy the full experience I have to offer you.

Q. Do I need to pay a deposit?

A. I ask you to pay a non-refundable deposit of £150 to secure your time with me. This is especially true if it's your first time booking me. The reason for this is my time is very valuable, and I provide a highly personalised erotic massage experience, which is in high demand. If you were to book me then decide to cancel, that is a session I could have provided to someone else. The balance would then be paid on the day of your session upon my arrival. In the highly unlikely event I need to cancel your booking, I will refund your deposit.

Q. It's my first Yoni Massage. What can I expect?

A. It's totally understandable that you may be nervous, or hesitant if this is your first yoni massage experience, but allow me to assure you that you are in good hands. You can expect me to be caring, take my time, and not rush you in any way. Remember, you are in control at all times, so please do try to relax. If you have any questions or concerns, just ask.

Q. Can I come to you?

A. Sorry, I do not take in-calls. However, I am able to come to your home, or hotel room and provide you with the ultimate in erotic massage pleasure to fulfil your every desire. You will experience orgasm after orgasm.

Q. I find it very hard to orgasm. How will a yoni massage help me?

A. During your yoni massage I will massage your G-Spot thus bringing on your orgasm slowly, but in a very intense way. It is very common for women not to orgasm during sex, and this is something my clients tell me time and time again. Too many men are not taking the time to pleasure women how you should be pleasured, and I am here to fix this problem.

Q. Do you offer extras during a yoni massage?

A. Yes, I can offer you any extras you may require during your yoni massage, all you need to do is ask.

Q. Are you naked when massaging me?

A. Yes, I am fully nude when performing a yoni massage, or a tantric massage. This way you are free to touch me and do whatever you please during your yoni massage. If you prefer me to start your massage clothed, just ask.


Q. Am I allowed to touch you?

A. Yes.

Q. Am I allowed to give you oral sex?

A. Yes.

Q. Can you give me oral sex?

A. Yes. I offer a service called, Connected Cunnilingus.

Q. Are you a qualified massage therapist?

A. No, I am not a qualified massage therapist, but that does not mean I cannot offer you a massage service that will leave you well and truly satisfied and wanting more. As you have no doubt realised by reading through my website, I am not the traditional massage therapist you will find on the high street, I offer something very different and that little bit extra that you are not going to get in a traditional high street massage parlour. My erotic massage services won't be suitable for every woman, but they may well be suitable for you.

Q. I suffer from vaginal dryness. Is this going to be a problem?

A. No not at all. If vaginal dryness is something you experience, please let me know beforehand so I make sure I have lubrication.

Q. I suffer from vaginal tightness (vaginismus). Will this stop me getting pleasure?

A. This is very much different for every woman, and I simply cannot say yes, or no at this stage. This is why I recommend taking advantage if my telephone consultation beforehand. During our chat I will let you know whether I believe a yoni massage is right for you.

Q. Do you cover other areas apart from London?

A. Yes, I cover London, surrounding counties - Surrey, Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent, Middlesex, and all other parts of The UK. Contact me to arrange a yoni massage in your town or city.

Q. What do you look like?

A. You can see pictures of me by clicking here.

Q. Are you services safe?

A. Yes, my services are completely safe. I take the safety of myself and my clients very seriously, and I always use protection when entering into any sexual activity with a client.

Q. What assurances do you offer?

A. I can guarantee that I will treat you with the utmost respect at all times, and check in with you to make sure you are feeling comfortable, safe and secure. I also guarantee you discretion and confidentiality.

Q. I'm a larger lady and conscious of my figure. Is this an issue for you?

A. No, this is not an issue for me in the slightest. I am here to make sure you achieve everything you are wanting from this experience, so your size does not matter to me. I have clients of all shapes and sizes, and the only thing that is important to me is the level of service I bring to each and every woman who uses my services.

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