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Tantric Massage

Tantric Massage for Women in London, Surrey & Hertfordshire

A Tantric Massage, is a full body erotic massage, which was developed in Berlin in 1977. It comprises a full body massage, but with our bodies touching and the insertion of my penis into your vagina. The outcome is not just to have sex, but to control our orgasms, and only cum once our orgasms have reached momentum. The result is an extremely heavy orgasm like you have never felt before.

Do not be surprised if you ejaculate over me.

Allow me to set the scene, we're on a soft bed. You're laying on your front, it's warm, and you're completely relaxed. You feel my hands rub warm oil all over your back, your bum, and your legs. I reach your inner thigh, whilst the tips on my fingers brush over your vaginal lips, I tease you slowly whilst kissing your back. Our bodies touch and we embrace, the passion ignites like a flame on a coal lit fireplace. You straddle me and wrap your legs tightly around my body, you feel my penis slip into your vagina. You're very wet, we're kissing passionately. We hold each other and savour the moment. You feel an orgasm coming. I tell you not to cum yet, just hold it. This goes on until you cannot hold it in any longer. At that moment you release your orgasm and feel a wave take hold of your entire body, whilst you begin to squirt all over me. Your vagina is gushing, our energies are as one. Welcome to your ultimate tantric sex session.

Our bodies need to become as one, and we need to not only connect on a physical level, but also on a spiritual level. Remember, an orgasm starts in the mind and rushes down through your entire body.

This is the most intense tantric massage / tantric sex experience you will find from any massage professional in London. Be prepared to experience orgasms like you have never experienced before.

The Basket

The Basket sex position.

The Barbell

The Barbell sex position.

The Aquarius

The Aquarius sex position.

The Dragon

The Dragon sex position.
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