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Yoni Massage Specialist & Tantric Sex Coach

Yoni Massage Therapist, Jerome Brown.

Jerome Brown

Hello and welcome to my website. My name is Jerome Brown and I have been providing erotic massage services for women in London, Surrey, Hertfordshire, Essex and Kent for over ten years. In this time I have learnt a lot about the female body, alongside the benefits of yoni massage, tantric massage, full body erotic massage and what makes a woman orgasm, not only once, but multiple times. I feel this qualifies me to call myself the very best erotic massage service provider for women, not only in London, but the whole of The UK. I guarantee you will not find a better yoni massage service.


Having spent time perfecting the art of yoni massage and tantric massage over the years, I have not only had to perform, but listen to your needs, your wants, and your desires. I know what you want in the bedroom, and what makes you tick. I know how to touch a woman and I know exactly how to pleasure not only your body, but also your mind. A bold statement I hear you say, well put me to the test and let's begin your journey of erotic, sensual, tantric yoni massage discovery.

During your yoni massage you are going to learn exactly what it takes for you to reach intense, mind-blowing orgasms. I will not only perform this for you, but also talk you through your yoni massage experience so you know exactly how to pleasure yourself at home if you are currently unsure.

We will start with an initial telephone consultation once you have made contact with me. During our call we will discuss what you wish to achieve from your yoni massage experience, which surprisingly is not something many of my clients think about when deciding to go ahead with awakening their yoni. Maybe you're just in it for the experience, perhaps you wish to awaken your inner sexual goddess. Maybe there has even been some past trauma you wish to overcome. Whatever your reasons, I am here to listen and talk you through each step of the magical journey to awakening your yoni.

My personal goal is to pass this pleasure on to as many women as I can, as I strongly believe that no woman should be without the experience of earth-shattering intense multiple orgasms that only a tantric yoni massage can bring.

Allow me to take you on your journey of sexual discovery and orgasmic bliss.

How do I book a Yoni Massage with you?

The best way to book with me is to send me a message via WhatsApp, and to give me 24-48 hours notice of when you would like your yoni massage. I may sometimes be available at short notice, but I am usually booked up very quickly as I receive a lot of bookings through recommendations from my clients. Once I receive your message I will do my best to reply to you within the hour, but this may take longer if I am with a client. I will always put my phone on silent during a yoni massage session as to not disturb myself or my client.

Upon replying to your message I will arrange a time with you so we can have a chat about what it is you are looking for, and what it is you are wishing to gain from your yoni massage session. Every woman is different, so for some it's to achieve multiple orgasms, and for others it's to feel sexually liberated. Whatever your reasons I am happy to listen and support you through your journey of sexual discovery.


If you call me and I am busy, please either send me a message via WhatsApp, email me, or complete the form on my contact page. Please be assured that my yoni massage service is completely discreet and confidential. I will never call you unless you have messaged asking me to do so.

My mobile number and email address can be found on the bottom of each page of this website. If you have any questions you can also visit my Frequently Asked Questions page.

Please note, I also offer various other types of massage, including tantric massage and erotic full body massage for women. All the information on my massages can be found within this website, and a link to my reviews can be found below.

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Yoni Massage Therapist, Jerome Brown posing topless.
Male Erotic Massage Therapist, Jerome Brown.
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