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Yoni Massage

The Benefits of a Yoni Massage for Women

Yoni is the Sanskrit word for Vagina, which translates to, 'a sacred space'. A yoni massage can be used to increase orgasms and may help in aiding healing. A yoni massage is essentially a vaginal massage, combined with a full body massage.

Your yoni massage experience is going to be relaxed, yet intense. I will start with a full body massage with oil from head to toe. Please tell me if there is any particular oil you would like me to use. During your yoni massage I will focus on your erogenous zones, including your breasts, stomach, bum, anus, vaginal lips and clitoris. The purpose of the initial erotic massage is to build up your emotions, heighten your arousal and make your yoni open up, ready to be massaged. Whilst massaging your yoni, I will, with your permission, suck your nipples slowly to make you even more aroused, I will also kiss your neck slowly, and softly, before kissing you on your lips deeply and passionately. This is an erotic massage you will not forget!

Please note, I will be naked during this massage, and you are allowed to touch me at any time, without having to ask permission to do so.

While receiving a back massage, some women like to be penetrated with my penis. Please let me know if this is something you'd enjoy. Remember, I am here to take care of your needs and desires, while at the same time making this a sensual and passionate massage experience for you.

Woman wearing pink lingerie, laying on a bed. She is smiling, because she has just had a Tantric Yoni Massage.
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