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Sarah, Essex

This is the first time I've ever used a yoni massage service, let alone Jerome's. He made me feel at ease from start to finish. I highly recommend his Yoni massage.

Amelia, Camden

A friend of mine told me about Yoni massage and admittedly it was something I'd never heard of before. After hours of research I decided to go with Jerome. He really took his time with me considering I was a nervous wreck. I enjoyed every second of my massage.

Fumika, Rickmansworth

I had been looking for a Yoni Massage by a man for some time, but every other website I came across just didn't have the right feel for me. That was until I found Jerome. He really helped put me at ease and talk me through the session. Thank you!

Luciana, London

I was struggling to reach an orgasm with my partner, so a friend suggested I try a Yoni massage. After Googling many massage professionals I decided to go with Jerome. He is right when he says that the service is intense. He will reach parts you never knew existed.

Olivia, Surrey

Jerome, without a doubt will give you the very best yoni massage you have had, or probably will ever have. His touch is amazing, his hands worked wonders with my body.

Sara, East Dulwich

It has always been a fantasy of mine to have a massage therapist go down on me, but this is not something I could've asked of just anyone. Ladies, this guy will blow your mind. Book him now! It is an experience you will never forget and you will definitely want more than one session.

Naomi, London

I have tried to two erotic massages in the past, but Jerome's yoni massage is the best I have experienced. He really does take time to talk you through everything and answer any questions you have. He really made me feel comfortable and I shall be seeing him again.

Chloe, Chiswick

I could not believe there was a yoni massage service for women until now. I decided to try out Jerome's service and I will without any hesitation be booking him again. Thank you, Jerome.

Amara, Twickenham

I have read about tantric yoni massages before, but never really thought it was a thing so many women went for. It is important you feel safe with someone who does this and Jerome certainly made me feel secure and at ease. I will definitely be using him again and I've passed his details on to three of my friends.

Yoni Massage London Reviews | Erotic Massage for Women

Jennifer, West Hampstead

Jerome's service was recommended to me by a friend. To say I was surprised she did something like this in a understatement, but after experiencing his yoni massage I can definitely see why she gave me his details. This was a truly awakening evening and I loved every second of it. Myself like many women simply do not know what we are missing out on, until we try a man like Jerome. A wonderful evening with a wonderful lover. Thank you!

Micquelle, Notting Hill

My 30th birthday was coming up and I wanted to make it a memorable occasion. I booked a hotel room in Central London and wanted to feel pampered. I had been searching for a yoni massage service for some time, but every other masseur I found was either too old my for my tastes, or seemed to be trying to sell to me. You were different. You made me feel at ease throughout and gave me orgasms I never thought possible. I'd love to see you again. x

Charlotte, Fulham

I had recently split with my ex, so I thought i'd try a yoni massage as a sort of emotional cleanse. Like others have mentioned, I searched and searched for days on this subject, but I didn't really connect with the massage therapists I'd found online. I saw Jerome's website and realised he was offering more than just a massage. I needed something to get out of this rut I was in and thought, why not? It was a very intense experience and I loved it!

Zoe, Kent

Thank you for showing me what my body is capable of. I had a really great evening with you.

Anna, Greenwich

I had no idea what a yoni massage was until I read an article in a magazine. I didn't even have any intentions of trying one, but I was intrigued on the subject. I found your website and after talking with you I couldn't keep away. I think it must have been your sexy voice ;) You are a real treat to womankind.

Michelle, London

I highly recommend Jerome's services. You will definitely be left with a smile on your face afterwards.

Louise, Farnborough

WhatsApp review of Yoni Massage London from a satisfied client.

Francesca, Wimbledon

Review of Yoni Massage London, from Francesca in Wimbledon.

Nina, Guildford

Review of Yoni Massage London from Nina in Crawley.

Chloe, Covent Garden

WhatsApp review of Jerome Brown at Yoni Massage London, from Chloe in Covent Garden.

Izzy, Battersea

Review of Jerome Brown at Yoni Massage London, from Izzy in Battersea.

Ash, Borehamwood

Review of Yoni Massage London, from Ash in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire.

Anna, Finchley

Review of Jerome Brown's Yoni Massage London, from Anna in Finchley.

Kate, Milton Keynes

Review of Yoni Massage London, from Kate in Milton Keynes.

Catherine, Epsom

Review of Yoni Massage London, from Catherine in Epsom.

Anna, Bedford

Review of Jerome Brown's Yoni Massage Service, from Anna in Bedford.

Hannah, Swanscombe

Claire, Ashford

Review of Yoni Massage London, from Claire in Ashford.
Review of Yoni Massage London, from Hannah in Swanscombe.

Natasha, London

Review of Yoni Massage London, from Natasha in London.

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Dawn, Uxbridge

Review of Yoni Massage London, from Dawn in Uxbridge.
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